Arima Wakefield

There is no place like home, they say. It can be a source of great joy, love and strength. A hearth to come back to after a long, hard day, a haven from all the stress and pressures of the outside world or a little corner where you find yourself.

Whatever your definition of home, there’s no denying that a happy home is a happy life. And when you wake up to a home that’s joyous and fulfilled, life can be a very place indeed. Where every corner is well thought-out and built to suit your needs. Where at every turn you are filled with pride and contentment. Where your heart finds a home.

It is this place we call Wakefield. A home you’ll love for life.

Wakefield is a thoughtfully designed and created residential project that has been inspired by the ever-evolving needs and changing lifestyle of our times.

Located in Coimbatore, this luxurious, modern apartment complex is one half of a joint Residential-commercial project that gives you the opportunity to avail the benefits of having a small retail cum office space in the front while having a private and comfortable home

Beautifully designed keeping in mind the needs and the desires of today’s home buyer, Wakefield is a visual delight with its own lush green lawns, gurgling water fountains and a gorgeous landscaped terrace garden.

Surrounded by numerous trees and heartwarming flora and fauna, the building has designated walking paths and sitting areas where residents can meet up and enjoy each other’s company. A meditation space, a bar counter for social activities, meet-up places under the pergola ensure you remain healthy, active and happy.




Site Address

Avinashi Road, Near National Model School, Coimbatore - 641 004.
Mobile : +91-97152 36699
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